For geographic context, the NGO has decided to choose Tashkent region as it is region where people have lower income and so, worse access to a good-quality eye care system. Regarding to economic context, the more children with good vision, the better quality of live they will have. 


Supported project 

In 2017, L'OCCITANE Uzbekistan and the L'OCCITANE Foundation supported the NGO Soglom avlod uchun. The supported project is named “My view – my world” and is oriented on eye screening, treatment, surgeries and providing glasses to low income children and teenagers. All beneficiaries are from families with low income who cannot afford at least eye screening. These children and teenagers are chosen from schools in low income districts in Tashkent region (Yukoriy-Chirchiq and Urta-Chirchiq).

Some figures

Budget 7.500 euros

Results 3.400 beneficiaries