The Eastern Province of Zambia has a population of 1.6 million. The Eastern Province is vast and the targeted remote communities can only be reached after several hours’ drive on dirt road. This vulnerable population have access to only the most basic health care and many are going blind due to lack of basic eye services. Health provision in such a remote environment is costly. However, the life-changing impact for the patients and their families is without comparison, making it fully worth the investment from a humanitarian perspective.


Supported project

In 2017, L'OCCITANE Ireland and the L'OCCITANE Foundation supported CBM for its project to improve access to eye care services for rural communities in Zambia. Prior to CBM’s arrival, eye care provision was practically non-existent. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, CBM has today established permanent eye care provision in the province.

The project facilitated St. Francis Hospital to undertake four surgical outreach missions to the most remote areas of the Province during which local communities can access vital eye care. In addition to this, two medical staff received training in ophthalmic surgery.

Some figures

Budget 25.372 euros

Results 28.950 beneficiaries