In Taiwan, according to domestic research, glaucoma and retinal macular degeneration are the two major causes of blindness. Local doctors stated that more than 320 000 of people in Taiwan have glaucoma and people are affected by glaucoma with a growth of 72% in the last decade. One out of every ten people suffers from macular disease in the age group of 60 or above. And between 70-75 years old, the percentage has reached 30%

For these two eye diseases, early detection could, in most cases, eliminate the risk of blindness. 


Supported project

In 2019-2020, L'OCCITANE Taiwan and the Foundation supported the Light of Love association for its project to promote eye health for local communities in Taiwan. Free screenings have been organized in order to detect as quickly as possible the potential pathologies of which the populations do not defend. In addition, educational events have been organized with the aim of highlighting the importance of eye health as well as raising awareness of the first steps in eye screening to do yourself, in particular to detect glaucoma and retinal macular degeneration. .


Some figures

Budget 20.000 euros

Results 5.993 beneficiaries

Partnership history

Project supported since 2017


In 2017, L'OCCITANE Taiwan and the L'OCCITANE Foundation started to support the Light of Love Association. The NGO is committed to eye health and care for visually impaired people. The association focuses on prevention of avoidable blindness through public education and local community partnerships. 

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