Colombia's national health policy doesn't consider eye health a priority. As a result, eye health services are patchy across the country and difficult to access. Where regions lack eye health services this has a long-lasting harmful effect, especially on children. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 19 million children aged 15 or under have some form of visual impairment, including 12 million with refractive errors that could be easily diagnosed and corrected with glasses.


Supported project

The L'OCCITANE Foundation and L’OCCITANE Colombia are supporting a project run by the Brien Holden Vision Institute that aims to screen and treat sight problems in Bogotá's children. The project is designed to provide eye screening, eye tests, glasses and material to raise awareness about eye health at two Bogotá primary schools. The aim is to bring eye care services to over 4,000 children with in-classroom intervention for those in all school years from the first to the twelfth. 4,017 children have been screened during the project so far, and with 10 optometry students being trained, 4,027 further children will receive eye care services by 2020.

Some figures

The goal of the project is to provide eye care to 4,000 children through in-class interventions in grades 1 to 12. 4017 children were screened during the project, and through the training of 10 optometry students,  4027 children more will receive eye care by 2020.

Budget 10 000 euros

Goal 8 044 beneficiaries


Maria Paula, beneficiary

María Paula is 14-year-old girl who wears glasses for short-sightedness and astigmatism linked to Down's syndrome. Her glasses were no longer suitable as her short-sightedness had increased by two dioptres. Now she is happy, always wears her new glasses and can get more out of her schooling.

Dépistages oculaires dans les écoles primaires de Bogota