In Japan, 85% of pediatric visual impairment, mainly due to congenital eye defects, occurs in the first year of life. However, the screening system for visual disorders in newborns and infants is lacking in Japan. Detection and treatment of severe eye diseases are delayed, and care and special education for children with visual impairment are inadequate.


Supported project 

In 2021-2022, L'OCCITANE Japan and the L'OCCITANE Foundation are supporting the Japanese Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology (JAPO) project to detect early visual impairment, treat it, and provide special care needed to facilitate the development of affected children. 

This project allows the national network to connect medical and educational personnel as well as the children's families. It also develops workshops and training courses for the staff. 

Some figures

Budget 30,000 euros

Results 6,100 beneficiaries