Brasil occupies the third place in the ranking among the 100 countries with higher Human Development Index with high rates of school drop-out. And 22.9% of school drop-outs have a correlation with vision problems. However, only 15% of Brazilian cities have ophthalmologists.


Supported project

In 2017, L'OCCITANE Brasil and the L'OCCITANE Foundation supported the ONG Associaçao de Apoio Renovatio. Its project aimed to donate 1,000 glasses to the low-income population of the municipalities of São Paulo - SP and Belo Horizonte – MG in outreaches with clinic bus equipped with two eye clinics.

Also, the ONG donated 250 eyeglasses in expeditions throughout Brazil in partnership with other NGOs. 

Some figures

Budget 49.000 euros

Results 4.896 beneficiaries