This project is supported by the L'OCCITANE Foundation. 


Children and young adults with visual impairments in Africa need to overcome significant challenges to learn how to read and write. Recent innovations in Braille assistive technologies make it easier for them to learn alongside their sighted peers in schools, colleges, university, other institutions. In Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda, ninety percent of learners with visual impairments cannot afford a digital Braille assistive device.


Supported Project

In 2022-2023, the L'OCCITANE Foundation partnered with the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa to support blind and visually impaired learners in schools and colleges to access quality education through the use of the Orbit Reader 20, an affordable, multi-functional, digital Braille assistive device that allows blind and visually impaired learners to actively participate in their learning process in the classrooms.

KBTA will also support teachers and schooled-based technicians by training them to use the Orbit Reader 20, repair the devices when needed and providing them tools and spare parts. This access to quality education allows the learners to transition to higher learning institutions and have access to math and science-based subjects so that they have wider career options.

Some Figures

Budget 25,000 euros

Goal 66 beneficiaries