The L’OCCITANE Foundation launches a call for projects to fight avoidable blindness and encourages L’OCCITANE’s offices worldwide to participate by identifying and supporting local organizations with eye care projects. These projects are co-financed by L’OCCITANE’s local offices and by the foundation.
The foundation will double1 the funding granted by L’OCCITANE’s local offices.

In the limit of €5,000 or €10,000 depending on the country.

Rules and eligibility criteria

  • The project needs to be carried out by an organization of public interest ;
  • The project must focus on eye care (screenings sessions, provision of spectacles, treatments, surgeries, optometrists or ophthalmologists training, purchase of machinery and equipment, etc.) ;
  • The project needs to have measurable results. The number of beneficiaries receiving eye care thanks to the help of L’OCCITANE must be included in at least one of the lines of the table in 1.10 part of the application form ;
  • A strong focus will be done on the financial and environmental sustainability of the project ;
  • Location (in order to facilitate the relationship with the local L’OCCITANE office):
    • The project presented takes place in a country where there is a local L’OCCITANE’s office,
    • AND/OR
    • The charity organization managing the project and requesting the grant has a local office in a country where there is a local L’OCCITANE’s office.

(countries’ list below)


How to apply?

If all the eligibility criteria are validated:

1. Contact the subsidiary of L'OCCITANE located in your country*, or where the project is taking place, in order to present your structure and project.

2. If the local subsidiary of L'OCCITANE confirms its wish to support you, complete together the application form.

Download here the 2021-2022 Application Form

3. Application deadline (the subsidiary must send the application to the foundation): February 28, 2021.

4. Announcement of the selected projects and signature of the legal agreements: starting April 2021.


* If you are unable to contact the local L'OCCITANE branch, you can contact The call for projects being based on the commitment of a local subsidiary of L'OCCITANE, the probability that your project is selected will be very low if you apply directly, without the accompaniment of a subsidiary company.