The organisation

The governance of the L'OCCITANE Foundation is organized on 3 levels: the Board of Trustees, the selection committees and the operational team

The Board of Trustees

It is composed for the two thirds by representatives of the founding companies and thier personnel and for one third by  qualified personalities in the fields of interventionof the Foundation. The members of this board perform their function on a free basis and meet twice a year.


Mr. Reinold Geiger, President 
Mr. Olivier Baussan, Founder
Mr. Jean-François Gonidec, Executive Director
Mr. André Hoffmann, President of Asia
Ms. Hélène Goetzelmann, Spa Director
Ms. Patricia Stocky, Management Control Director 

Qualified personalities:

Mr.  Jacques Bedhet, Trustee at the GIAA
Dr Patrice Delaage, ophthalmologist
Ms. Isabelle Hoyaux, Director of the International Center for Development and Research
Ms. Dominique Geiger, lawyer

The Selection Committees

The Foundation has set up selection committees to analyze and select the projects. Each field of action of the Foundation disposes of its own selection committee, composed by members of the Foundation, members of the Board of Trustees, involved employees of L'OCCITANE and experts of the related fields. Each committee meets once a year.

The Foundation team
Charlotte Bonnet, General Delegate                               

Kady Traoré, Burkina Faso Projects Manager


Marjorie Beltranda, Provençal Heritage Projects Manager

Charlotte Bonnet
General Delegate



Kady Traoré
Burkina Faso
Projects Manager


Majorie Beltranda
Projects Manager

Amandine Viau, Projects Manager


Rachel Farsy, Projects Assistant


Julien Callet, Projects Assistant

Amandine Viau
Projects Leader
  Rachel Farsy
Projects Assistant

  Julien Callet
Projects Assistant