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New partnership with the global UN WomenFund for gender equality


Figures concerning gender inequality are alarming.

  • In 2011, more than 30 million girls over 12 did not go to school. They were denied the right to learn new skills that are mandatory to get a job. [1]

  • In 2015-2016, women globally earn in average 24% less than men. Gender pay gaps are especially visible in Subsaharian Africa and Asia where women living in households with children are about 30% less paid than men.

  • Women are also sometimes called upon to take care of grueling tasks without benefiting from the help of men. Thus, in Sub-Saharan Africa, 62% of women were in charge of collecting drinking water in homes without running water[2]

From education to poverty, violence to health, women are affected from a very early age by inequalities caused by their gender.

Consequently, L’OCCITANE remains committed to promote women’s leadership and partners with the Fund for Gender Equality of UN Women with a grant of €200,000 in 2016.



Founded in 2009 by UN Women, the Fund for Gender Equality can provide grants up to $3 million and supports projects whose aim is to improve women’s lives, focusing mainly on the economic and political empowerment of women worldwide.

A UN report published in 2016, shows that Africa and Asia Pacific are the two geographical areas where the fund has been the most effective. Women are getting more and more involved in the political life of their country and many of them, who come from rural areas especially, gained their economic independence.

Over the past five years, 191 organizations, with more than 10 million beneficiaries, have received support from the Fund, across 72 countries

Subsidize 2016-2017 : €200,000.

[1] Source: UNESCO - Girls’ education - the facts - Backgrounder 2013

[2] Source: UN - Analysis of FGE - 2015-2016

Photo credits: UEWCA Ethiopia, FGE Grantee Partner