In the country of Forcalquier and la Montagne de Lure, aromatic and medicinal plants are at the heart of daily activities. The economic dynamic around these plants is very strong, about 3500 jobs are directly linked to this sector. The natural richness of la Montagne de Lure1 also makes it a very touristic territory. Total visitation to the territory is estimated at 350,000 visitors per year2. Public and private initiatives abound in this area and public interest in aromatic plants is growing. It is therefore necessary to support this territorial dynamic by making the most of this natural and cultural heritage.

1La Montagne de Lure is a Biosphere Reserve, a Sensitive Natural Space (ENS) and a Natura 2000 site
2Touristic Development Agency of the Alpes de Hautes Provence (2012)


Supported project

The L'OCCITANE Foundation joins the Commune Community of the Countries of Forcalquier and La Montagne de Lure (CCFML) to enhance this territory. The project aims to create an educational trail on the practice of gathering from the past and present. Through this thematic tour, the public will discover the local history of drug dealers, the emblematic places of ancestral picking and contemporary activity as well as the natural richness of La Montagne de Lure.

Some figures

From an environmental point of view, the objective is to preserve the natural heritage of La Montagne de Lure by channelling tourist flows and making the public aware of the importance of its protection. 23 endemic varieties are valued and conserved on the route that plans to welcome and educate nearly 50,000 visitors2 each year. On the economic level, the objective is to promote this local sector by supporting 15 producers and to strengthen the positioning of this territory as an emblematic place of aromatic and medicinal plants.

2Touristic Development Agency of the Alpes de Hautes Provence (2012)

Budget 5 000 euros

Goal 23 preserved varieties