Sustainable socio-economic development of the poorest communities requires the empowerment of women with the objective of self-sufficiency. While these women sometimes have access to training, they still do not have access to capital to develop their activities.


Supported project

In this context, the L'OCCITANE Foundation supports the project of the NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde (EDM), which aims to promote women's self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial spirit by organizing them in mutual solidarity, facilitated access to microcredit, promotion of savings and socio-economic formations.

A French association created in 1998, EDM works with people in developing countries. It allows thousands of women and men in very precarious situations to improve their living conditions by supporting their own economic initiatives and by facilitating access to energy. Today, the association operates in 11 countries, through local programs and partners, around three axes: social microfinance, access to energy and the creation of very small enterprises (TPE).

The Foundation also participates in the development of new activities carried out by EDM:

- Training in the management of the activities of the beneficiaries and on different subjects related to health and education,

- Surveys to measure the impact of actions on the daily lives of families,

- Support / advisory missions, etc.

Some figures

The objective is to enable female shea producers to have permanent access to financial and socio-economic services adapted to their needs. In the long term, the objective is to improve the living conditions of women living in rural areas in Burkina Faso.

2019 budget 210 183 euros


Project supported since 2009

Total budget 1 115 449 euros

Total goal 18 513 women supported

As a partner of EDM since 2009, the L'OCCITANE Foundation contributes to the financing of complementary income-generating activities for women in the shea sector through microcredits proposed by EDM, enabling them to supplement their production activity, which is too irregular to allow them to get a stable income for them and their families.