Around 1.4 million children around the world are at risk of becoming blind, of which 1 million are in Asia. Indonesia is a country with one of the highest rates of blindness in the world, particularly in the region to the south of Sulawesi. The region is in fact badly affected by malnutrition and earthquake disasters; major factors contributing to blindness. In Jakarta, for example, 38%1 of students suffering from refractive error have never worn glasses.

1According to a screening programme conducted by HKI between 2012 and 2015 in secondary schools in Jakarta.


Supported project

The L'OCCITANE Foundation and L'OCCITANE INdonesia are supporting Helen Keller International. Since 2018, L'OCCITANE has been supporting the occular screening project in the schools of the region to the south of Sulawesi, which is particularly severely affected by malnutrition and earthquake disasters, with a view to helping to prevent infant blindness.
The aim of the project is to work with the various players within the healthcare system, with a view to optimising it. First of all nurse and midwife training courses are organised so that they can identify the children in need of eye treatment. At the same time, the teachers are also instructed by school health nurses regarding the pathologies and the importance of occular screening. Diagnostic follow-up and the proper treatment of the children is also put into place by the teachers in the schools. Finally, Helen Keller International monitors the situation to ensure that regulations are put into application so that all of the registered children can benefit from health insurance.

Some figures

The objective of the project is to provide eye tests to 199,000 children in the southern region of Sulawesi who will receive care and correction covered by health insurance. More broadly, the project aims to strengthen the eye health system to provide adequate medical services to local children.

2019 budget 10 000 euros

2019 goal 199 000 beneficiaries


Project supported since 2016

Total budget 60 000 euros

Total goal 507 090 beneficiaries

L'OCCITANE Indonesia has been supporting Helen Keller International for several years.
In 2016 and 2017, L'OCCITANE supported campaigns to raise awareness and for the screening of diabetic retinopahthy, a disease responsible for 5% of cases of blindness in the world, in the urban regions of Indonesia.