In Guatemala, 51.93% of blindness is caused by refractive errors and 39.45% is due to cataracts1. Yet, 51% of the population live in poverty2, which hugely limits their access to health services and means these eye problems can't be treated. The situation is even worse in rural areas.

1Rapid Avoidable Blindness Survey (RAAB), 2015
2According to the report published by the Guatemalan Secretariat for Planning and Programming of the Presidency (SEGEPLAN)


Supported project

The L'OCCITANE Foundation and L'OCCITANE Guatemala are supporting the charity Visualiza to combat blindness in Guatemala by treating its two main causes: refractive errors and cataracts. The project has two main elements. The first is screening and operating on cataracts in low-income elderly individuals to mark World Sight Day. The second is arranging and distributing glasses to children with acuity problems in low-income public schools.

Some figures

The objective of the project is to prevent blindness in Guatemala by treating its 2 main causes, refractive errors and cataracts. This project will provide 90,000 people with eye care by 2020.

Budget 10 000 euros

Goal 90 000 beneficiaries