In developping countries, 95% of cases of retinoblastoma are cured, however in some cases this comes at the cost of significant long-term secondary effects. Retinoblastoma is a complex eye disease that must be treated in a precise manner. To develop a less invasive treatment would make it possible ot offer patients a better quality of life.


Supported project

The L'OCCITANE Foundation and L'OCCITANE Manosque support the Curie Institute with a view to optimising the treatment of retinoblastoma and treating orthoptic tumours. In fact, the project aims to support a new conservative eye therapy, that is less expensive, non-mutagenic and free from long-term secondary effects.

Some figures

The project aims to develop a new, less invasive method of retinoblastoma care for patients. This will result in 225 people receiving medical care and eye surgery by 2020.

Budget 10 000 euros

Goal 225 beneficiaries