The health system in Vietnam is very unequal in that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are unable to access quality eye health services. As a result, they often suffer from treatable eye health problems. They often do not have access to regional eye hospitals that are far from their communities. For example, it is estimated today that one in five children has a refractive error, and most are undiagnosed due to lack of services.  


Supported project

L'OCCITANE Vietnam and the Foundation support the Helen Keller Foundation in its project to improve eye care for children in the province of Tra Vinh. Initially, the aim is to train teachers and community health workers so that they can organise screening tests in schools. Once these initial screenings are completed, eyeglasses will be distributed when refractive errors are identified and referrals to the local hospital will be made for children with more serious eye diseases. Follow-up of students' eye health will be carried out by health workers and teachers to ensure continuity.  


Some figures


2020 budget 5 331 euros

2020 goal 11 336 beneficiaries