According to the World Health Organization, Vitamin A deficiency is the first cause of childhood blindness, affecting 127 million children worldwide – one third of children under the age of 5. Childhood blindness increases the risk of infant death.

Vitamin A is crucial for children's growth, development and resistance to disease. Studies have shwon that improving the Vitamin A status of deficient children through supplementation can reduce mortality by almost 23%. 



Supported project

In 2017, L'OCCITANE commits with UNICEF to prevent childhood blindness by funding international programs for the distribution of Vitamin A.
UNICEF program aims to provide children aged 6 months to 5 years with the two vital vitamin A doses necessary for their proper development. UNICEF can deploy and support large-scale prevention strategies.

To measure the impact of its engagement with UNICEF, L'OCCITANE has selected 3 countries to monitor the situation and beneficiaries over the next three years.

Newborns and toddlers have a high prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency in Bolivia (27% between ages 6-23 months). L'OCCITANE is contributing to UNICEF's programmes to helping 675,000* children in hard-to-reach areas of the Latin America country to put a dent in this prevalent problem. 

38% of the population has a high level of Vitamin A deficiency, with even higher rates (up to 60%) in certain regions. L'OCCITANE is contributing to UNICEF's programmes to help 380,000* children in Myanmar. 

Only 22% of Papua New Guinea children are currently reached with Vitamin A supplementation. L'OCCITANE and UNICEF's goal is to reach more than 667,000* children with Vitamin A supplements.  

*Targeted objective by L'OCCITANE and UNICEF between 2017 and 2019. 

To ensure that all children aged between 6 months and 5 years receive their double dose of Vitamin A, UNICEF uses 3 levers: communicating about Vitamin A deficiency and resulting blindness, integrating the first ingestion for infant care pathways and to improve knowledge about the most vulnerable populations.

Some figures

Thanks to the support of €1,000,000 per year during three years, L'OCCITANE allows UNICEF to protect 1.7 million children, including Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Bolivia, three countries where the prevalence of Vitamin deficiencies A is particularly high.

Total budget 3 360 000 euros

Total goal 2 060 000 beneficiaries


Ah Nyaw, a beneficiary's mother

“I also make sure my son gets all his vaccinations and vitamins on time”.
Ah Nyaw is a 24-year-old mother currently pregnant with her second child, living in Gaw Maw, a remote village in Myanmar’s mountains. With her first child, she was unaware of the importance of vitamin A required for the growth and development of her son, also to prevent childhood blindness. Thanks to more sensitization through the opening of a health department, she now knows how to welcome her second child and keep her family in good health. For more information about L’OCCITANE support to UNICEF"

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